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Video of a Shawdow Figure captured in the basement from Alameda Paranormal!

Personal experience of a team member from Resonance Paranormal!

Check out the dowsing rod session done by Dr.Lou in Ruthie's Room on the 4th floor! This video was made when ParaHunt investigated the building!

This photo was captured by ParaHunt as well, in the garage!

Simon on second.jpg
Bissman Building 2013 080.JPG
Shadow Man - Bissman Building.jpg
Bissman ss1.jpg

In the video below, you will hear an interesting response to the question "Were you killed down here?" at 2:13. Skip ahead to 4:38 to hear one of the more common name in the is Ruthie's Aunt! Video evidence caught by North Texas Time Chasers Paranormal!

Below is the video from when The Paranormal After Party came to Mansfield, Ohio to film at The Bissman Building!

At the very beginning of the video, building owner, Ben Bissman, is being filmed talking about the death of employee, F.W. Simon, and what happens during the interview was very startling to all those on set. Click play to watch!

We did actually photograph some anomalies in the basement. Here's one of the more unusual ones [attached]. We debunked it as not being lens flare because the shape of the anomaly doesn't fit the usual pattern. - The Investigator who caught this image.

Below is the episode of SyFy Channel's TAPS Ghost Hunter's episode!

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