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The Haunted Bissman Building in News & Abroad!

Click on the photo to the right to watch the video from Leon Bibb's, My Ohio series, below to learn more about the Bissman Building and its' roll as the Brewer Hotel and Portland Daily Bugle in the ultimate classic film, The Shawshank Redemption!

The Richland Source covers one of our Ghost Walks from 2013!

Hear Ben Bissman speak about the spirits in the building!

- Richland Source

Bissman Building is a Featured Stop on Shawshank Trail Treasure Hunt Map! Click on picture for story! 
Story ~Richland Source 


Bissman Building used as Official International Soap Box Derby Finish Line. Click on photo for story!

Story~Richland Source

Photo - Mansfield News Journal


T.V. Show comes to film at Haunted Bissman Building & Other Haunted Mansfield Locations supervised by Joe James. Click on photo for story!

Story - Richland Source


Bissman Building a Top Stop on The Shawshank Trail. Click on photo for story!

Story - Richland Source


Bissman Building Desired Destination of Travel Writer/Blogger from St. Louis! Click photo to see article!


Story - St. Louis Post Dispatch


Bissman's recollect Shawshank Filming Memories! Click photo to read story.

Article by Richland Source



Bissman Memorabilia to be featured in New Museum at

The Ohio State Reformatory.


News Journal Story & Video 01/08/2015


Click on photo at right to read story.

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